Persuasive Essay – Abortion

Should abortion remain legal or should it become illegal to have an abortion in the United States. Choose a position for either side, don’t include pregnancy because of rape, incest, etc.

Abortion should remain legal within the United States. Nearly half the pregnancies of American women are unintended, and women should have the choice of aborting them, and not the responsibility of dealing with the resulting baby. Making abortion illegal won’t put an end to it, but will only make it more perilous, since the woman attempting abortion unsupervised by a doctor may in some cases lose her life. If performed early enough, abortion is safer than childbirth. Considering all these factors, making abortions illegal will not help solve any of the problems faced with unwanted pregnancies, but will only make them worse.

Excluding miscarriages, 49% of the pregnancies concluding in 1994 were unintended. Of these, 54% resulted in abortion. One point forty three million abortions occurred in 1994. If abortion was illegal, about 80% of these abortions would still take place, some resulting in death of the woman. Thus, abortions should be kept legal.

Considering a period before abortion became legal, the 1960s, the average deaths per year from an abortion were around 200. This number has dropped significantly after it became legal.  A woman adult’s life should not be jeopardized for merely an embryo or a fetus, which, if given birth to, would most likely not live in excellent conditions anyway, since the mother didn’t want the baby in the first place. If abortion became illegal again, the number of abortion-related deaths would surely grow once more. Thus, abortion should be kept legal.

Due to the great improvements in medicine, abortion is now safer than ever. The number of deaths by abortion have decreased by around 80% in the past 50 years. Abortion has even become safer than delivering a baby. With this in mind, why would any woman prefer to wait nine months to give birth to a baby, that would not only be something she doesn’t want, but it would also be more dangerous, when she can just abort? Making abortion illegal would be a great mistake.

Considering the fact that women want their child only half the times they become pregnant, that they will still have abortions even if they become illegal, thus possibly resulting in a devastating end to their lives, and that they could much rather safely perform an abortion than to pop out a child that will likely become inadequately fed, housed and educated, it would be outrageous to even think about making abortion illegal.


~ by darkflasher on January 16, 2009.

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